Scalebor House

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK, 2019

The design team have approached the design of this house through careful observation of the sites context. This project builds upon an architectural philosophy which is encapsulated in contextually derived solutions alongside organic principles.


Materiality is driven by historic references, as well as local natural and geological sites. The heavy masonry walls pass from outside to inside in smooth faced dressed stone to create an atmosphere of peaceful simplicity, and a sense of presence, permanence and integrity, 


The plan references traditional ‘long house’, and presents a series of buildings in a cluster referencing traditional Yorkshire farm buildings, albeit in a wholey contemporary idiom.


One of the key driving forces was to allow its occupants to experience the sites panoramic views from its elevated position on a ridge line overlooking the Wharfe Valley. Its fully glazed walls invite them to engage with the expansive natural surroundings, while the site also backs onto a natural glen with mature trees.


The building devises its form partially from the sites topography, its roof extracted from the brow of the ridge along a contour line reflecting the natural form of the landscape. The roof is heavy in its appearance and cantilevers to provide shelter to its occupants, and its glazed facades provide a sense of openness to the changing weather and seasons, creating an ever changing atmosphere within the house.

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